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Thank you for choosing us, we are different, our slogan is “we are here to make you happy”  we, Marvin from Holland, myself 100% Sicilian, we don’t have luxuries,  for us everything goes just well, everyday we enjoy LIFE …  JOIN US
We keep things simple and easy, to see availability follow this link

we don’t accept booking outside airbnb

A little about us

We don’t have anything organized, we pride ourselves that we will do our best to cater for your needs, we can advice you, we can share with you, but at the end we will be happy to make it a very special stay.

Understand that we do live in the country and that we love nature so be prepared that you can see a spider, a snake, a lizard, a frog together with our free range animals.


Just relax

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Our sulfur bath

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The locals

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Laundry day

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Almond for breakfast

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Beauty treatment


My town


Night time

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Barbecue time

Food and specials

On your first night with us we usually do a vegan dish, wholesome and from local produce or wildcraft, for drinks maybe you would an bring something that you like, make it Sicilian, white wines should be young ( look at the dates) beer no problem, water we can supply LOL

For 365 days a year we live on our land and have many activities we do depending on the time of the year, olive picking experience, exploring the national park, cooking classes, eco friendly house building, rural gym activities and much more, should you be interested get in touch

Human Friendly